Tuesday, 10 December 2013

One Piece 732 Spoiler and Summary

It has been a while since I posted in this blog, I really missed to write something here as the One Piece 732 will become more interesting.

The One Piece 732 Spoiler and Summary will be available later, but in the meantime there are lot of things we can say about it. Especially who will be taking the Mera Mera Fruit (Fire Fruit), without any doubt the good side will get the fruit later. The process of winning the Mera Mera Fruit has become very significant now, all the tension and surprise are put on the fight.

From the One Piece 731 chapter, we clearly see that Sabo is still alive and has come to help Luffy to win the Mera Mera Fruit (Fire Fruit). It was very ironic reading the chapter, emotions came to all readers around the world with the surprise of Sabo in the action. From his appearance, I can tell that he is now very strong and without any doubt he is one of the leader in the Revolutionary army.

Sabo is now wearing Luffy’s outfit and taking role as Lucy, this will create another confusion to the other participant who knew Lucy as Luffy. Another great miscalculation to the enemy side, and at the same time the interruption from Revolutionary army is confirmed. I expect there will be more of them in the arena right now doing investigations and preparation, the best is yet to come when all big boys are there in One Piece 732 Spoiler and Summary.

An epic fight will happen in One Piece 732 Spoiler and Summary where Luffy side is to confront “Joker” in order to save Law. We will see what kind of monster, has Luffy became in this 2 year when he is fighting with “Joker”. He will give all out in the fight for the sake of friend, and they will success since the whole team is in the action right now. Most probably the fighting pair will be “Luffy VS Joker” and “Zoro & Samurai VS Admiral”. The world will see another storm caused by the will of “D” in this fight.

Another great fight is waiting in the Factory where all the fighter from Dofla family are guarding there from Strawhat alliance attack. The Strawhat 1st fight in the new world is really amazing and it happen in such a huge scale. The world government cannot close their eyes from Strawhat pirate after this, more or less the 4 big pirate will also pay attention to them. Red hair pirate will be happy and celebrating on Strawhat pirate success, hopefully we will be able to see some of their faces later in One Piece 732 Spoiler and Summary.

Not long ago when Luffy declare a fight with Big mom at mermaid island, they are about to fight with them on not far from the other team. With only Sanji left in the ship to help, I wonder what kind of fight he will bring to defend their Thousand Sunny. So far only Sanji who can fight in the air, ground, and under water which is very unique fighting skill.

Monday, 12 August 2013

One Piece 718 Spoiler and Summary

An epic battle is about to happen in the One Piece 718 Spoiler and Summary, the next battle will be between Pirates, Gnomes, Marine, and Toys (previously human). Very interesting to know how they will begin the war in the middle of Colosseum. Luffy’s fight might be more serious in next One Piece 718 Spoiler and Summary, it is possible that the Colosseum will fall down due to overwhelming fighting power.

Law is facing difficulties now fighting the Marine and Joker, he needs Zoro help and I wish it will happen in the One Piece 718 Spoiler and Summary. Zoro suppose to be there already, maybe Oda has some plan how to make Zoro appearance more exciting in One Piece 718 Spoiler and Summary. Law is more than capable to run and save himself, but to face and fight them is a bit difficult without some help from Straw Hat Pirate member.

One Piece 718 Spoiler and Summary shows many of Straw Hat Pirate are in the crucial role. A new history will about to happen, Straw Hat Pirate under Luffy’s leadership will definitely free the Island from Joker’s control. It’s is totally unfare for Joker to turn people into Toys, and manipulating them by erasing memories and forcing them to work in the dark factory. I want Straw Hat Pirate and Law alliance to defeat Joker, one question for One Piece 718 Spoiler and Summary chapter is why the World Government and Marine force allowed such activities.

If the World Government and Marine forces are siding Joker, then Dragon the revolutionary could be the only hope for justice. But the day for Dragon and Luffy to meet is still far, Straw Hat Pirate is capable to bring down Joker and bringing freedom to all people and turning back all toys to human once again. Gnomes prisoners also will once again reign their freedom and power as underground kingdom. One Piece 718 Spoiler and Summary could be a new chapter for another victory of Straw Hat Pirate fighting bad people, regardless if they are marine or pirate.

This is not the limit of their alliance, more and more parties will join Straw Hat pirate in the One Piece 718 Spoiler and Summary. All people who want freedom and justice will siding and support Straw Hat Pirate, because they see hope by joining them in One Piece 718 Spoiler and Summary. The One Piece 718 Chapter should be available any time by now.

Enjoy reading, your ideas and comments are very much appreciated here.

Friday, 19 July 2013

One Piece 716 Spoiler and Summary

I was thinking that Luffy's fight in the One Piece 715 will be hidden, and we will only found out the match result. But I was wrong about it, and I am happy about it because Oda made me surprise. We are going to see more Luffy's fight in the One Piece 716 Spoiler and Summary. Apparently all the remainig fighter in the ring have serious power, some of them has Haki as well. There are only 6 contestant left, the mos dangerous might be Don Qinjiao based on his previous reputation.

One Piece 716 Spoiler and Summary will show some of their fight, it will be good if we can enjoy the full fight in the One Piece 716 Spoiler and Summary. Luffy for sure will win the battle in One Piece 716 Spoiler and Summary, but the possible trouble will be how to hide his identity. If Luffy is too exposed and become public attention, the whole arena will turn into chaos and panic. Some people might already knew his true identity, but it doesn't matter because they will settle it professionally by exchanging fists.

Luffy will be the winner for block C, Luffy will show some of his serious new attack to win the battle. All the spectators will be astonished in One Piece 716 Spoiler and Summary, Bellamy will be shock after looking Luffy's power. From that experience Bellamy will change his mind and will never ambush Luffy, he will give up his dream to become one of Joker family. Beside Joker and Bellamy will become enemy in One Piece 716 Spoiler and Summary, due to his refusal to ambush and kill Luffy. Not only he  is unable to hurt Luffy, but he gain more respect to Luffy by One Piece 716 Spoiler and Summary.

The most anticipated fight in the next One Piece 716 Spoiler and Summary, could be Law fighting Schibukai and Marine Admiral. Law is smart pirate with detail preparation, he will never be beaten easily without hart fight. We have not seen yet of Law's condition, and we want to see it in One Piece 716 Spoiler and Summary. We still sticking to the previous theory, where Zoro will be arrive in Green Bit accidentally. But due to this reason, he will be able to assist Law to escape from Green Bit. That should be happen in One Piece 716 Spoiler and Summary, or later chapter.

So far Nami, Choper,Broke, and the kid, had became moving and alive doll. They haven't fight very serious, and they must take it seriously in the One Piece 716 Spoiler and Summary. Otherwise they will keep running, but if Usop is with them long range attack should be not a problem. Never the less they are more strong and capable to handle the situation. They are just hesitate to counter attack because the enemy is on their ship Sunny. One Piece 716 Spoiler and Summary might show some of their fighting progress.

Enjoy reading, your ideas and comments are very much appreciated here.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary

After reading One Piece 714, we want more and more pages in One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary. One of the most coolest thing was when Luffy punched Hajrudin the Giant, his punch was strong enough to put down the giant enemy. Luffy hasn't use any of haki attack, what kind of chapter in One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary when Luffy use haki? Things like surprises will definitely the main attraction in One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary. One thing everybody is sure now is, Luffy will definitely will get the mera mera fruit. If anything might happen, let it happen after Luffy get the mera mera fruit as a respect to his late brother Ace.

In the One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary, we should be seeing some progress of Law fight against Joker and Issho. If Zoro did not arrive at the right time, Law might be in a very serious condition by now. But if Zoro arrived there at the right time, we probably seeing them fighting evenly at least in the beginning. One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary is very crucial chapter, because we suppose to see their pre-outcome in the One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary. The marine and world government will be for sure astonished seeing what Zoro can do. They should be at least understand of what Straw Hat Pirate is capable with after 2 years of harsh training.

Sanji, Franky, and the Samurai should be busy evacuating and destroying the factory in One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary. They might also in the middle of serious fight with Joker underlying, Sanji will fight and defeat them easily with his new strength. One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary could be also the chapter where Sanji begin his fight with CP-0. This is where his true level of fighting will be measured, an amazing fight between Sanji and the CP-0 is waiting in the One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary.

Usop and Robin will appear as well in One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary, together with the army in the Flower Field. The so called fairies should have their planning already, but most probably they will submit to Usop as their new hero. Straw Hat Pirate just found another solid reason to fight Joker, Luffy will definitely put all his strength to save the dwraves. Group fight with group, Usoland will lwad to fight another crowd of Joker underlings. A lot of devil fruit user will be fighting from the country of Gnomes, the fight will be hilarious fight because dwraves like to fight in invisible mode.

It was very funny to see what happen to Nami, Choper,Broke, and the kid, they all become as a doll including their ship Sunny. But that will be only temporary because they will settle it in the One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary. Only 1 devil fruit user that attacked them, while they have 3 devil fruit user on their side. I was not because they are weak, but they were holding their attack in other to protect their ship Sunny. Nami alone is more than able to fight against the intruder, we will be amazed if Oda shows some of Nami strength in One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary. Now World in One Piece shows to us, that a lot more to cover in the One Piece 715 Spoiler and Summary.

Enjoy reading, your ideas and comments are very much appreciated here.

Friday, 5 July 2013

One Piece 714 Spoiler and Summary

I don't know how many people out there are fan of One Piece, but I knew very well that its getting more and more every day. After reading One Piece 713, the momentum was just increased many folds. Saying that, One Piece 714 Spoiler and Summary will continue with more high level of DF fighting. As of now Law is facing two enemies the Royal Schibukai “Joker” and the Marine Admiral “Issho Fujitora”. The fight will take long time and it will not going to end in the One Piece 714 Spoiler and Summary.

Sanji, Franky (with the toy), and the Samurai will be gathering in the factory in the next One Piece 714 Spoiler and Summary while Zoro and Luffy are missing in their action. Luffy is fighting for the mera mera fruit and Zoro is on his running to Green Bit. In the One Piece 714 Spoiler and Summary their challenge will be on evacuating all the workers in the factory, Sanji will be the best person on doing the evacuating and Franky will be on destroying tasks. Franky could just his super beam to destroy it, or he might just find the button of self destroy inside the factory.

We hope Zoro will arrive in Green Bit in One Piece 714 Spoiler and Summary, Law needs some backup in this fight. Zoro himself has enough strength even though he has no Devil Fruit power, we might able so see Zoro's real power in One Piece 714 Spoiler and Summary. Thinking of cutting power Zoro might be able to cut the meteor in one slash without using any of his haki, if Zoro use his haki the Green Bit might ended being cut into two pieces. The question here is how will Zoro enter in the battle, maybe by saving Law from one of Fujitora deadly attack in One Piece 714 Spoiler and Summary. If that really going to happen, the whole world will be astonishing with Zoro power. It is very easy to think that Zoro will never lose in it this fight, because he made a vow to Luffy to never lose again after his fight with Mihawk in the early chapter.

Usop has become as Usoland and will lead a group of solder in One Piece 714 Spoiler and Summary, what a joke to begin with haha. His cheating skill has become something very live after 2 years of training. Usop and Robin will meet Franky in the Flower field One Piece 714 Spoiler and Summary, they probably will come up with plan after rejoining. If Sanji, Franky and Robin plan together, a new story line will be created in the One Piece 714 Spoiler and Summary. These two are among the genius crew in Straw Hat Pirate, the other Geniuses are Nami and monster Chopper (as what Franky said).

Usop's initial plan is to fool the dwarves in order to run away, but ended up being their Hero and asken to lead them in order to defeat Doflamingo family. We expect he has no choice but to lead this troop of army in the One Piece 714 Spoiler and Summary. Without realization the whole Straw Hat team has been already been fighting the Doflamingo family, the fight is cannot be avoid in the One Piece 714 Spoiler and Summary.

Enjoy reading, your ideas and comments are very much appreciated here.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

One Piece 713 Spoiler and Summary

Pic Credit to: mangareader

Reading the One Piece 712 was an amazing experience, things became more and more difficult and complicated. But we (One Piece fan) like it as it is, the idea of Luffy and Law team fighting with Joker was insane. But it's a good start before they facing any of the four emperor of the sea, they might earn more experience and power up in this battle. More secrets and explanations are about to revealed in the One Piece 713 Spoiler and Summary.

It's gonna be a big fight at Green Bit in One Piece 713 Spoiler and Summary, but it will be a fight to escape from that island. Currently Law is facing an Admiral and Schibukai, but Zoro is on his way to go there and he suppose to be there in One Piece 713 Spoiler and Summary. Zoro could balance the fighting match there, I expect a fair fight between Shibukai and swordman in One Piece 713 Spoiler and Summary. The chances for them to win could be 50/50 at this stage, but the fight between them will be very interesting. Compare to Luffy event, I believe many of One Piece fan want to see the fight that will happen in the Green Bit when One Piece 713 Spoiler and Summary is release.

There might not much scene of Luffy's fight in One Piece 713 Spoiler and Summary, Oda might plan to make Luffy as a winner there and will only show that he won the fight. It is a good idea to think of Luffy winning the battle in One Piece 713 Spoiler and Summary, but if there are some interruption during the fight it will make the fight more interesting. Luffy has a good reason to win the mera mera fruit, and he should be able to win in One Piece 713 Spoiler and Summary after 2 years of serious training with Dark Night. This arc has a wide scene to cover, it gonna be a long story and only some of it can be captured in One Piece 713 Spoiler and Summary. Assuming that Luffy will get the mera mera fruit now is more than enough, we are more interested to see Luffy's fight against Joker.

I don't believe how Sanji manage to win Violet heart with his principle towards women. His hopeless has became the source if vital information to the rest of the team. As for now, Sanji is the most appropriate candidate from Straw Hat pirate to fight against CP 0. Sanji and Violet might become partner in One Piece 713 Spoiler and Summary, that will be great to witness. Among the trio monsters, Sanji is the smartest with making plan. Sanji could come up with some plan in One Piece 713 Spoiler and Summary, and at the same time Sanji will save Violet from Joker's slavery. We still don't know what happen to Nami and the rest, hopefully there are some details about them in One Piece 713 Spoiler and Summary.

Enjoy reading, your ideas and comments are very much appreciated here.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

One Piece 712 Spoiler and Summary

One Piece 711 chapter was an amazing chapter after all, will Law really fight with Joker in the One Piece 712 Spoiler and Summary? This is very interesting then. Zoro is on his way to the Green Bit as well, he could add huge fighting power to Law team to fight with Joker and the Marine forces. I'm so eager waiting One Piece 712 Spoiler and Summary to come out by now.

One thing answered to some of our questions before was the appearance of so called fairies, I was so exited to know that what Zoro chased are the same species with what Robin and Usop found. I didn't imagine they are that cute, I thought the one Zoro encounter will be ugly haha. Gnomes people are very straight and we could see more about them in One Piece 712 Spoiler and Summary, they trust people easily and believe that Usop is their hero. Nothing less to expect from Usop when it comes to lie, but he is not a loser because he will turn all lies to become reality. Not in the One Piece 712 Spoiler and Summary but at the end of this arc, Strawhat Pirate will be more famous and they will save more people from being Joker's victim.

I got an idea why all those toys are alive and I hope there are some hint about it in One Piece 712 Spoiler and Summary, I thought they are natural in the first but it doesn't make sense at all for a toy to have real soul. My theory is they are alive because of fake devil fruit created by Joker, their original purpose could be as a worker in their factory. I expect there are many toys in the factory now working hard to produce more fake devil fruit. The one with Franky was out from the factory because he is considered unable to work already. If franky could find it in One Piece 712 Spoiler and Summary, it means a huge war because he will destroy it in an instance.

There are two fights on the road in the One Piece 712 Spoiler and Summary, one is between Law team VS Joker and marines and the other is Luffy fight group C in the Coliseum. I understand why Joker use the Mera mera fruit as a bait to get Luffy's attention, the answer is he doesn't want to fight directly with Luffy yet. I hope I can confirm it in the next One Piece 712 Spoiler and Summary, I also want to see how much stronger Luffy has become after 2 years of training. I can't wait to see the fight begin in the One Piece 712 Spoiler and Summary.

Enjoy reading, your ideas and comments are very much appreciated here.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Credit : Redon
Special thanks to: Mangaspoiler

One Piece Chapter 711: Adventures in the land of the Dwarfs

- Robin passed out and has been caught by the Dwarfs.
- The Dwarfs showed their face.
- They searched her whole body.
- Robin woke up and scared them.
- The Dwarfs trusted Robin easily because she said she won’t hurt them and won’t tell anyone.
- The Dwarfs asked Robin to give them weapons.
- Robin said she didn’t have weapons. They didn’t believe her and then attacked her.
- A dwarf stopped them and said the other man they caught is hero and Robin is his friend. Another achievement by our lord of lies Usopp.

- Zoro ran with the dwarf named Wicca who stole his sword.
- She told Zoro she have to notice captain the whereabouts of Donquixote Family first and they are about to attack Thousand Sunny(Nami, Brook, Chopper and Momonosuke).

- Rebecca saw the toy soldier run with Franky.
- It seems that there is a love story between Rebecca and the toy soldier.

- 2 mins left until exchange at south east beach, Sanji urgently called Law and asked he to leave Green Bit as soon as possible and said Dolfamingo did not quit the Shichibukai.
- At this moment Dolfamingo came from the sea and already sighted beach.
- At the same time Fujutora asked all forces to leave for south east beach.
- Sanji: Hurry up!
Law: Damn it! It’s too late!

End of chapter.
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One Piece 711 Spoiler and Summary


Finally the One Piece 710 was out and it time for One Piece 711 Spoiler and Summary to take place. Previously One Piece 710 shows Luffy talking with Bellamy, seems like Luffy is giving him morale support. One thing I like about the new Bellamy is, he became more mature and knew where his foot standing. To acknowledge Luffy must be very hard thing to Bellamy, but that is the right thing to do in the very first place. Belamy has become strong now, the proof is he can sense and understand Luffy's development haki power.

This is just my theories and I don't want it to happen, from my judgment we will never see Luffy to win the battle. The appearance of Law team is a strong point to say that the attention has moved from Luffy's fight to Green Bit Island. For the next  One Piece 711 Spoiler and Summary, we will find out what Robin has caught, all we will find in the future are either Luffy won the battle of the battle was interrupted by Dofla family. Interruption is likely to happen as it's Oda style, but we cannot see it in the next One Piece 711 Spoiler and Summary. We will not see it in One Piece 712 Spoiler and Summary too, but somewhere in the future.

It's very surprisingly how danger is the fighting fish, they attacked the iron bridge like nothing. But those level of strengths are still nothing to them. The appearance of Marine force in the Green Bit island was a surprise to me, but judging from Law's response it must be under his plan too (it just the result is far better from his expectation). Law must be scheming on something, and I hope we can find out in One Piece 711 Spoiler and Summary. Things become interesting, i'm dying to see what One Piece 711 Spoiler and Summary looks like.

On the last page in One Piece 710 chapter, Robin manage to caught one of the invisible man. Now, here is my theory about this new species. I believe what Robin caught is the same with what Zoro stumbled before (so called Fairy), in this case Zoro already saw them and very likely Zoro already in the Green Bit as well. I imagine a little bit far, but I wish to confirm that theory in One Piece 711 Spoiler and Summary. I'm not surprise if something different to happen again in the One Piece 711 Spoiler and Summary, because Oda is always unpredictable but always great story teller.

One Piece 711 Spoiler and Summary could promise great story, many question has been risen and many clues also had given. All we can do is to wait and read One Piece 711 Spoiler and Summary, i'm not sure what possible situation for the other team yet. Maybe we don't see their updates in just One Piece 711 Spoiler and Summary, maybe in the later chapter.

Enjoy reading, your ideas and comments are very much appreciated here.


Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Credit : Redon
Special thanks to: Mangaspoiler

- Mugiwara crew with Chinese Kung Fu style in lead color pages.
- Bellamy talks with Luffy, he says Luffy has a strong Haki.
- Bartolomeo hears that Bellamy calls Luffy “Mugiwara” and he shocks.
- Usopp, Robin, Law and Caesar are in iron bridge, gigant fighting fish try to attack them.
- Usoop and Robin fights with them.
- Law releases Caesar to help them but he has Caesar’s heart.
- Law wants to be ready to fight when they on the way back so he doesn’t want to waste strength to attack the fish.
- The middle of the bridge has been destroyed.
- Caesar transforms into a balloon and then they pass the bridge.
- They arrive at Green Bit, a big forest.
- They see a warship.
- Robin goes into forest with Usopp and find some marines that are talking with someone that they can’t see.
- Then someone takes marine’s clothes off quickly.
- Robin uses her ability to catch it and calls it little man, こびと in Japanese.
One Piece 710 Spoiler Trivia : Franky’s character might have been inspired by the character Ace Ventura, as both have a similar hairstyle (pre-timeskip), frequently wear Aloha shirts and have eccentric personalities which include a flamboyant behaviour and a certain disregard for rules.

Monday, 27 May 2013

One Piece 710 Spoiler and Summary


Everything we thought of what will happen in One Piece 708 and 709 Spoiler and Summary were not really happened. That makes us excited because Oda created the One Piece with a great story line, not even the comic geek like us can really predict what will going to happen in every One Piece Spoiler and Summary.

On the One Piece 710 Spoiler and Summary, we suppose to be able to see Luffy in action. But judging from the last page of One Piece 709 chapter King Punch, Franky was speaking to the robot and planning a scheme to destroy the factory together. Saying that, we are very positive that on the next One Piece 710 Spoiler and Summary it should be Franky scene. Probably we are not going to see any of Luffy's fight here until Joker is arrived, the scene should be ended with Luffy winning and possessing the mera mera fruit.

It is time for other character to show up in One Piece 710 Spoiler and Summary, it's good to learn what Franky and the little robot can do since they have some common goal. One Piece 710 Spoiler and Summary could be a robot and cyborg alliance this time, maybe Franky has some other dangerous weapon beside of the laser  beam itself. If there are some automated bomb which can fly to the targeted point, it could be the most amazing of Franky show. His body shape is quite big enough, we believe the reason for it must be a weapon storage. We want to see more of Franky invention in One Piece 710 Spoiler and Summary, it must be funny creation with serious effect. Show us some of Franky power Mr.Oda...

Franky scene should cover at least 1 or 2 chapter, that means One Piece 710 & 711 Spoiler and Summary. Not much of details of Franky scene now, but we expect new enemies will be introduced in the process of destroying the factory. Franky is very confident in destroying it, maybe he could do something like what Law did destroying the SAD room back then. The more we speak about it the more we cannot wait for the One Piece 710 Spoiler and Summary to turn out.

We don't think there are any sight for the other team in the One Piece 710 Spoiler and Summary. So what happen to the other is still in question, but at least Zoro has seen a fairy. Judging from his past reaction, maybe the fairy he saw is an old and ugly fairy hahahah. Sanji is lost in his random love now, what happen to him could be still in raw. From the last chapter he was keep protecting the girl Velvet, we don't know if she is really weak or super strong yet and there is no clue for that answer in One Piece 710 Spoiler and Summary.

Give us your response and suggestion, please share to others readers if you happen to know early about the One Piece 710 Spoiler and Summary.


Saturday, 4 May 2013

One Piece 708 Spoiler and Summary

No One Piece chapter 708 was really a pain to most of the fans including me, everyday we keep looking for the source of One Piece 708 Spoiler. As soon as we get the latest One Piece 708 Spoiler, then we will post it here immediately. But if any of you got the One Piece 708 Spoiler early, please share to us here by posting it on the comments area (texts and links are ok).

Meanwhile lets talk about what will happen in the One Piece 708 Spoiler, with the appearance of “The Fighting King” Elizabello things become more complicated. More and more famous people being introduced, I feel like the whole One Piece story line style has changed dramatically after the 2 years of time skip. Before this it was all about of their journey to recruit new member, I wonder what are happening next. I don't like this so called king who only can use one punch, I want him to lose in One Piece 708 Spoiler. His objective to win and fighting style have nothing to respect.

The Corrida Coliseum is taking too much of time, it will take a very long time to finish this arc. The situation will only get worst if Luffy won the battle there, but that's how One Piece operate being complicated in a way that everyone can understand easily, The block B should finish in One Piece 708 Spoiler, I support Bellamy to be the winner in One Piece 708 Spoiler.

The Block B preliminary reminds me of White Beard crew, full of big and strong people and many of them really look like a beast. The new world is a real story where only the strongest live, the weak people can live only under the protection of strong forces. If One Piece 708 Spoiler get out early, the first think I want to check Hyakudanhack the Fishman. He is Jimbe friend but what is he doing in the arena, what is his purpose to fight there alone. I hope I can get the explaination in One Piece 708 Spoiler.

Previously we had seen long hand tribe, and now Blue Gilly appear from long legged tribe. What else we can see in One Piece 708 Spoiler, too much information in just one arc hahaha. One Piece 708 Spoiler become more and more wanted, some One piece maybe in dying mood waiting for  One Piece 708 Spoiler to release. It's all because of  One Piece 708 Spoiler popularity among us, who get the information will be the first fan to be happy.

I almost forget about Straw Hat Luffy, I wonder what will happen since his identity was exposed by the one big guy. He was claiming that he had a fierce battle with Garp (Luffy grandpa) in the past. Is he an ally or an enemy in One Piece 708 Spoiler, I want him to be an ally to Straw Hat at least until this arc finish. I can tell his power is on par with the admiral, what kind of fight in One Piece 708 Spoiler with these kind of all strong people? It makes me cannot wait for One Piece 708 Spoiler to get release..

Monday, 22 April 2013


Credit : nja
Special thanks to: Mangaspoiler

ONEPIECE 第707話 Bブロック




One Piece Chapter 707: B Block

B block starts, 138 men battle royal.
Although what Dagama is doing isn’t fair, it’s not against the rules to team up.

Apparnetly King Elizabello’s punch is so powerful, he’s put a massive hole in the enemy fortress.
But there’s on problem… it takes an entire hour of preparation for the king to throw one punch out.
It’s Prodence’s ultimate weapon, that can only be fired once in a single battlefield.
Dagama thinks the “King Punch” could knock out even a Yonkou if it ever lands on one.
Dagama asks his lord if he’s ready, to which Elizabello says he’s ready to throw it out at any time.

Bellamy asks why Lepanto, who is an army commander of Dressrosa, thinks it’s ok to lend hand to military advisor of another country.
Lepanto answers money is what makes the world go around, he’d rather gain money at his feet rather than chase a dream.
Bellamy laughs, saying hearing that hurts (as he shared the same attitude in the past)

Lepanto swings his massive chained spiked ball and knocks three contestants into the water, while Bellamy counters him with Spring Death-Knock (a Gomu Gomu Pistol like spring punch)
There are “Little Battle-fish” swimming in the waters, attacking the fallen contestants.

Abdulla and Jeet are fighting a legion of fodder gladiators, Abdulla howels to grab their attention, while Jeet slices them from behind.
Meanwhile, The fishman Karate master and also user of Fishman Jujitsu, Hack, uses 4000 kawara seiken to punch out a large contestant who mocked the fishman.
Hack is friend of Jinbe, and feels just like Jinbe is a hope for men and fishmen understanding each other, he hopes to find a way of friendship through exchange of fists.
A true Karate-ka!

Blue Gilly is a martial artist who hails from the long-leg tribe. His style of martial artis is Jao-kun Do.
(Obviously a Bruce Lee reference)
He uses his legs like whip, and knocks many fodders out of his way.

One mysterious gladiator stands out… the helmeted “Former” Gladiator Ricky.
No one recognizes him, he’s a newcomer to the arena. Yet, with only a single sword at his disposal, he knocks out multiple combatants.
And old spectator tells a nearby toy man, that he vaguely remembers someone who fights like that, but for the life of him cannot remember his name.

(GEE I WONDER WHO THAT IS, ODA. GEE. THANKS FOR LIKE, MAKING IT OBVIOUS OR ANYTHING. I guess we’ll know the mystery of the statue sooner than we thought lol)

Bartolomeo is lying there on the edge just chilling. He just watches the whole place in chaos, instead of jumping in to fight.

Cavendish says Barto is another one of those annoying rookies.
He’s called the Cannibal because he acts like a douche. (mocking people in Japanese is expressed as “eating people”)
Cavendish is looking through a book containing wanted posters of the “worst generation”.
Luffy asks him why not forgive them already, but Caven is adamant he’ll kill them.
He figured with a big tournament like this, at least one of them will be here…
But just like Burgess did, you can hide your identity in this tournament. He figures he’ll just wait till one of them wins through..
Luffy is sweating bullets hearing this, hahahaha.

A politely speaking Don Chinjao approach the due.

Don Chinjao asks how is Garp-san doing, Strawhat Luffy?
Luffy: Huh? You know my gramps?
Caven: WHAT!?
Luffy: OH WHOOPS!!!

Chinjao tells him Garp nearly killed him long ago, and decided to hate him till their grandchildren’s time.
Luffy: HUH!?

End of One Piece Chapter 707.

Friday, 19 April 2013

One Piece 707 Spoiler and Summary


After reading the previous chapter, all my intention is to read the One Piece 707 spoiler. Bellamy appearance was something very unexpected, who else Oda will introduce after. Judging from earlier reading, it is very high probability that Bellamy could win the battle in group B. It just a matter weather the fight is finish or not in next One Piece 707 spoiler.

It's very early now, we got no spoiler yet but we will post here as soon as the One Piece 707 spoiler is out. Should you came here by any means and if you have the One Piece 707 spoiler earlier than us, please by your grace share it to us as well. We are grateful and thankful to any of those who are willing to share the early One Piece 707 spoiler.

While waiting for One Piece 707 spoiler, here are some thought of what will the One Piece 707 spoiler look like. Bellamy will sure going to win the battle in block B, he has another strong reason to win the so called Royal Battle. He wanted to become one of Joker's crew, we think that is one good motivation to keep go on. But in the end Luffy@Lucy will be the one who will posses the mera mera fruit previousely owned by his brother Ace. Next battle will be from block C, we are very positive Luffy will win but we are more interested to know how it will happen in One Piece 707 spoiler.

Since there are many pirates there and an interruption from the Government, the chances for the battle to be interrupted could be anytime from now. At least the battle can continue in One Piece 707 spoiler, otherwise it will be too good to miss watching Luffy defeating everyone in block C. Soon or later his fake identity will be revealed especially when he is fighting strong opponent, however chances for him to hide his identity in One Piece 707 spoiler is still very high. How will Joker get in the battle will be a good question here, we predict that Joker will get Caesar but facing a lot trouble from Law and Government side in One Piece 707 spoiler.

The possible fight in the One Piece 707 spoiler or maybe later chapters are, Luffy VS Joker, Zoro VS Marine HQ Admiral Fujitora, and Sanji VS CP-0. These are the most obvious potential to happen, even if it's not in One Piece 707 spoiler it might happen in later chapter. Everyone knows Oda style, whatever we predict will always go wrong but there are some predictions actually get right. We don't care as long as it's fun, it's what Oda thinks really matters because we enjoy a lot reading his masterpiece. One Piece 707 spoiler could be another great chapter, the whole world is waiting for One Piece 707 spoiler now.

It is very complicated to read One Piece but it is very fun also at the same time, One Piece 707 spoiler will be ready anytime in the next few days.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

One Piece 706 Spoilers is Out!!

Credit: Nja
Special Thanks to: Mangareader

ONEPIECE 第706話 お前を笑わない




ONE PIECE Chapter 706 Spoiler: I won’t laugh at you

Bartolomeo – 150million berry
Face looks like a beast
voted number 1 in the “Pirate who is wished to be gone”.
(I guess he’s not very popular lol)

Bellamy – 195million berry

Bellamy knew about Luffy, and he went to a Sky Island and got a pillar of gold from there to give to Doflamingo.
His motive isn’t the Mera Mera fruit, he simply wants to be on Dofla’s ship as a crew.
Bartolomeo and Bellamy are both in block B

Trans: Aohige
第706話 お前を笑わない 
扉絵 カリブーが燃えている取り残された婆の家に行き 婆をみつける 壱枚の写真がある
バルトロメオは残忍 海賊たちの串焼き映像配信 市民への砲撃事件etc・・・・ 
観客からのブーイングに対し何かを投げた 観客は爆弾だといい避難するがオナラ爆弾だった
ベラミーは空島から持ってきた黄金の柱をドフラに渡し忠誠を誓った  それ以降 ドレスローザを野蛮な海賊 の王国と嘲る諸国の町々を容赦なく破壊してきたよう
ルフィに気付き話しかけるベラミー 仲間を失ったが空島に行って来たという
ドフラはルフィをもう笑わない ドフラの船に乗るといいステージへ ベラミーは優勝すれば幹部へと昇進す るらしい
CブロックとDブロックの有力選手紹介で2ページどれも曲者っぽい見た目 レベッカとキャベンデイッシュは Dブロック
Bブロックスタート  中華っぽい連中が手を組み面倒なのから潰すと言う  まずはベラミーから という
Onepiece Chapter 706: I won’t laugh at you
cover: Caribou goes back to the burning hosue of the grandma, and find her and a single photograph..
Bartolomeo is known for cruelty.
An image of pirates impaled and roasted are shown, as well as him firing cannons at civilians..
The crowd boos at him, and he throws something at them. They run thinking it’s a bomb, but it’s actually a fart bomb.
Block B is Bellamy and Bartolomeo
Bellamy brought the golden pillar from the Sky Island to presnet to Dofla, and swear allegeance.
He then proceeded to wage battles on near by nations that mock Dressrosa as barbaric nation of pirates.
He wrecked many cities in other nations, earning his infamy.
Bellamy notices Luffy, and approaches him.
He tells Luffy that lost his crew, but he went to Sky Islands.
Luffy warns him you didn’t hurt anyone up there did you? To which Bellamy just laughs.
Bellamy tells him that Doflamingo he won’t laugh at Luffy anymore.
He tells him he’s going to be on Dofla’s ship, then heads to the battle.
Apparently he was promised crew officer position if he wins this tournament.
Then two pages showing promising candidates for Block C and D.
Rebecca and Cavendish are both Block D.
Block B starts, the Chinese looking men join forces with others to take out especially troublesome targets… Bellamy is their first target.
Bartolomeo doesn’t agree with their methods, he says that goes agaisnt the whole point of a Battle Royal.
(The summary just say Sky islands and not Skypea, although it probably is)
Edit: T’s correction: Bellamy won’t laugh at Luffy anymore, not Dofla.
End of One Piece Chapter 706

Saturday, 13 April 2013

One Piece 705 Spoilers is Out!!

Credit : Aohige
Special Thanks to: Mangaspoiler

The ZatoichrShinKatsu character IS Fujitora. The name is Isshou.
The smug, shit-eating grin of satisfaction on my face right now is incomparable.

ONEPIECE 第705話 追撃のメイナード
扉絵はカリブーの部下的な奴ら全滅  見せしめ

フランキーが正体ばれなきゃいいと言う。フランキーが仕事に行こうとするとおもちゃの兵隊が付いて来ると言 う。おもちゃの兵隊に工場の場所を知らない奴には用は無いと言う。
客席では海軍が出場者をチェックしている  海兵と連絡を取っていた男は控室で海軍中将キャップマン(追 撃のメイナード)でバルトロメオの参謀を倒す

藤虎はグリーンビットへ向かう 軍艦を3隻用意するよう本部へ命令  敵の数より護るべき人の数が重要とい う藤虎

変装したロー達一行はグリーンビット前の橋に到着 お茶して情報収集していると CP-0登場 正式名称 サイファーポールイージスゼロ



バルトロメオは影だけで登場  やばそうな雰囲気

ONEPIECE Chapter 705 Maynard “the pursuer”
coverart Caribou’s henchmen all taken out, just to serve as a lesson for all
(T may just mean the revolutionaries here)

Franky says as long as he’s identity isn’t revealed, everything’s fine. Then gets to his work.
The toy soldier says he’s follow him. Franky says he has no use for someone who doesn’t know where the factory is, but the Toy soldier does indeed know something… he says let’s move to another place before getting into the details.
In the spectators marines are checking out the audiences. The man who was communiating with the marine is Vice Admiral Capman (known as Maynard, the “Pursuer”) and he defeats Balto Romeo/Bartolomeo’s adviser.

Fujitora heads to Green Pit, and orders three warships from the HQ.
He finds the number of people they need to protect is more crucial than the number of enemies that must be defeated.

Law’s group disguised themselves and arrived at the Green Bit bridge. While they’re having tea and gathering info, CP-0 appears.
Official name is Cypher Pol Aegis Zero

Zoro catches the fairy, but falls off the building. The fairy comes floating down from above, carrying the goods. Zoro is suprised.
Dofla’s goons contacts Kin and tells him if he values Kanjuro’s life, come with them.
Meanwhile, Sanji is taking out a sniper for Violet.

Some strang noise coming from a room on the Sunny….

Capman is taken out instantly by Balto Romeo/Bartholomeo
He is shown in shadows, but looks pretty menacing.

[Thanks Riley]

Thursday, 4 April 2013

One Piece 705 Spoiler

One Piece 704 was a great chapter, I enjoy so much reading it even after reading it few times. Now, my intention is to look forward for One Piece 705 Spoiler. There are a lot of things I like to find out in One Piece 705 Spoiler. I still keep thinking what are Sanji, Zoro, Brook, and the samurai been doing. I hope there are some news about them in the next One Piece 705 Spoiler, before the real chapter come out.

I predict Luffy will win easily on his 1st of battle, but considering of Oda style I am sure that the next One Piece 705 Spoiler cannot cover all Luffy's real fight. He might need not use any of his armed haki to fight on the preliminary stage, but good enough to attract huge attention without revealing his true identity. Since we know one of Blackbeard crew already won the 1st battle, the remaining unknown winner will be of Block B. So far we know the winner for Block A is Jesus Burgess, Block B still unknown, Block C is Luffy definitely, and Block D probably could be The Gladiator Rebecca.

One Piece 705 Spoiler could be very thrilling, after they have four winners from every block they will fight direct with Doflamingo family. Very high probability that Luffy has to fight seriously after this, I don't think he can hide his true identity anymore after the One Piece 705 Spoiler. In the mean time Franky could have done some home work by now, most probably he knows where to find the factory already and prepared some plan. Maybe he already finished some weapon or little robot to go investigate.

I know Joker will meet Law in order to retrieve the scientist Caesar, but as soon as he knows of Luffy where about he will rush to go to the Arena. We might able to see some of Straw hat pirate member in the One Piece 705 Spoiler, maybe Robin and Usopp which are in Team To Give Back Caesar lead by Law. The risk is so high but Usopp was in that team, there must be a reason ant that reason shows Usopp is now a very strong man. One Piece 705 Spoiler is full of promise, and worth to wait patiently.

Credit to:Deviantart
As long as Oda didn't take any holiday, there always be a new One Piece 705 Spoiler. Keep visiting here, because we will upload the  One Piece 705 Spoiler right after it releases.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

One Piece 704 Spoiler is out!!

One Piece 704 Spoilers Summaries

Credit: Aohige
Special thanks to: Mangaspoiler

Lucy and the Statue of Cyrus
Coverart: That cyborg-ish guy from Kaido’s crew is wrecking shit up on the revolutionaries on the island, Caribou watches terrified.
The Spartan guy Luffy took out was one of the star of the Colosseum, the other fights can’t believe their eyes.
A guard tries to tell Luffy to leave the place since he caused a fight before the games began, but a trio of warriors come in Luffy’s defense.
The Chinjao brothers (Chinjao as in the Chinese dish, Chinjao Rosu 青椒肉絲)
Don Chinjao, Xai, and Buu.

Xai is insane, he’s so easily agitated, he almost snapped at Luffy for thanking him lol.
Meanwhile, Two other groups of fighters are arguing.
The King of Prodence, Elizabero the 2nd and his Strategist Dagama enters the tournament wanting the Mera Mera fruit as a weapon for their army.

Asassin duo The Funk Brothers from the neighboring country is telling them collaborating with other fighters to win is not fair.
Tons of other fighters
Class-A criminal from the Sea of Dias, The Slayman
Former bounty hunter and mastermind behind blowing up a government facility, Abudhulla and Jet
An “Adventurer of false massacres” Oorombus(?) The Ruler
Bellamy the Hyena, now over 100million bounty and admissions from the DonQuioxte family
And not present at the moment, but few others are entering the tournament including “Young Pirate Nobility” Cavendish and the crazed rookie from year ago Balto Romeo.

The first round is a Battle Royal. 550 people will compete, and only 4 will win.
They are separated in blocks. A block Battle is about to start… Luffy is block C
They take him to the armory, Luffy is excited and wears a full set of armors, helmet, sword, and shield.
Along with his beard, he looks like an old Gladiator, pretty awesome.
He comes across women falling from being smitten…. by the beauty of Cabendish, the White Horse.
He is a completely bishounen, sparkles and all. Bounty of 280 million.
He came this far without any Devil Fruit, and feels the Mera Mera is perfect for him. Very narcissistic.
He asks Luffy who he is, and Luffy accidentally answers Luffy. LOL.

Luffy corrects himself and answers Lucy.
Caben says if he really was Straw Hat Luffy, he would have to kill him right now.
He was a rookie 3 years ago when he entered the New World, and his beauty was the hot topic of the world.
But two years ago, Luffy and the other Supernovas took the world by storm, and became the hot topic.
He is jealous of their fame, and wants to destroy them all.
Luffy has no interest in his story and walks off LOL.
Luffy comes across the Statue of Kyros.
Kyros was a legendary gladiator who won 3000 battles, only took one sword slash, and was around 20 years ago.

…. Says a beautiful, scantly clad gladiator girl named Rebecca.
But the strange thing is… he is considered the greatest gladiator ever, yet no one on this island has ever seen or heard of him.
Only thing they know of Kyros comes from the plate on the statue, no one knows if he was even real.
Luffy likes the statue, and so does Rebecca.
She says she’s here to take the Mera Mera no Mi, so she can finally defeat Doflamingo.
She has determination in her expression, obviously a history behind her and the flamingo man…
Meanwhile, a mysterious masked man calling himself Mr. Store defeated all other gladiators in Block A.
He takes his mask off in the Colosseum and reveal his true identity…. Black Beard Pirates Division 1 Captain, Jesus Burgess!!
Luffy recognizes him. “It’s that Champion dude!”
Oh, btw, the “Fuck You” comment was from Xai, the elder brother of the Chinjao family

Friday, 29 March 2013

One Piece 704 Spoiler


After reading One Piece Chapter 703, you must be impatient to wait for One Piece 704. If yes, you must be like me wandering around looking for One Piece 704 spoiler. However, there is no release of One Piece 704 spoiler yet. Expected of One Piece 704 release will be on every Wednesday, which is this coming Wednesday.

In the mean time here is my prediction of what coming next in One Piece 704 spoiler.

Sanji will follow the girl called Violet and protect her, but i'm sure Sanji will never kill anyone no matter what happen. But here is the tricky part, what happen if the man Violet wanted to kill is Joker? Not only Sanji but the whole team of Straw Hat, Law, and the samurai will oppose him. They have very solid reason to fight in that case,  I just cannot wait to read next One Piece 704 spoiler.

After separated with Sanji, Zoro will probably get lost his way and ended up at Fairies hiding place. Normally Fairies are cute and gentle, but I don't expect Oda will put such a simple story line in One Piece 704 spoiler. It will be fun if Zoro encounter brutal Fairies, and started a fight after being attacked by a gang of Fairies. The Fairies could be related with Joker, if no then the Firies is better to be an enemy with Joker.

On Luffy side, all the participants will acknowledge his strength after he defeated the Spartan in single blow. I really expecting something more in next One Piece 704 spoiler, something like the old man participating in the competition. After reading the One Piece chapter 703, I guess only Luffy from Straw Hat who will participate in the fight to win the Mera Mera Fruit previously owned by Ace.

I don't know where is the Samurai and Brook, they seems get lost and left behind of Sanji and Zoro. But i'm sure they are still running together. This team is getting far away from their mission on collecting information and finding the SAD Factory. Seems like only Franky knows what to do there, he has some plan and support Luffy to participate the fight. I guess we will get some picture of what happen to the other team in the next One Piece 704 spoiler. Law team should be getting close to meet with Joker by now. Let's wait for the One Piece 704 spoiler.

ThePower of Mera Mera Fruit, previously owned by Ace (Luffy Brother)
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

One Piece 703 Spoiler Is Out

Credit : Aohige / mangaspoiler
Color Spread: Mugiwara crew are in a broken boat rounded by sharks.

One Piece Chapter 703: “Waiting Room”

The thug explains that there cannot be two of the same devil fruit at the same time,
but once a fruit user dies, the fruit reappears somewhere in the world.
Luffy expresses he wants the Mera Mera fruit. He asks Franky if he wants to eat it, but Franky doesn’t want to lose his ability to swim.
Luffy says he can’t eat it since he has the rubber fruit, but he doesn’t want someone else to take his brother’s fruit.
Franky guesses this may be Doflamingo’s trap, but at the same time tells Luffy to not let go of this chance.
Either way they have to go to the Colosseum anyways, might as well not leave any regrets.

Zoro is chasing the fairy, but Sanji is distracted by flamenco dancers on the stage.
The dancing girl Violet gives him a wink.
Sanji loses the sight of Zoro, and contemplates on leaving him on this island, when Violet approach him and ask him to hug her.
Some soldiers are chasing her around with rifles in their hands….
Sanji of course goes in a flood of noseblood.
She says she’s being chased by cops for stabbing a man.
WHen Sanji says he’s perfectly find with a sabby woman, she claims she’s falling in love with Sanji tells him there’s a man she wants dead…

At the colosseum, cops are chasing the wanted “Toy Soldier”, the same one who chased the children away last chapter.
The shoot him, but he easily dodges the bullets with “Jet Walk”
He is one-legged soldier, and jumps in the area of the colosseum, telling the cops that this is Donquioxte family’s private area, and off-limits for cops and marines, and if they shoot him now, they will become the criminals.
He meets Luffy and Franky, and dances around to make Luffy laugh.
But he realizes Franky just wants him out of the way so they can get through.
He blushes red, and says it’s a duty of a toy to make people happy.

Luffy enters the colosseum as “LUcy” entry number 0556
The place is filled with macho warriors, and in particular a 51-time monthly champion Spartan takes note of Luffy. He doesn’t like him.
He tells Luffy this place is no place for a little weakling brat, and picks a fight with Luffy.
Luffy, of course, one shots him to the ground. LOL.

End of chapter

Sunday, 24 March 2013

One Piece 703 Spoiler

One Piece 703 Spoiler is not out yet, please come visit us again from time to time. We will update to you the latest One Piece 703 Spoiler as soon as we got the One Piece 703 Spoiler. As for now you can jump to other post, we have many things about One Piece here that worth for you to look and read at.

Before the One Piece 703 Spoiler out, let us talk about the possibility of what happen in One Piece 703. From the last chapter, Luffy and Franky were inside the Collosseum together with the strong blind man. Though they didn't see each other yet, but I am very positive that both parties will join the fight. On the other side many people will fight for the sake of winning The Mera Mera Fruit formerly owned by Luffy's brother Ace.

In this discussion of One Piece 703 Spoiler, I think Law team will meet with Joker at the promised location. I expect they will start some fight there, Joker might able to overpower Law team but he has no chance to do it. Law is the kind of person who do proper plan before doing something big, I really cannot wait for the One Piece 703 from now on.

Yusop team as a guardian of their ship Thousand Sunny might face some trouble, like being invade by others pirate different team from Joker. I expect light fight on Yusop side, they should be able to protect their ship easily after 2 years of training. I keep thinking of what One Piece 703 chapter could bring to us.

I wonder what Zorro do in One Piece 703, will he able to retrieve the stolen sword or vice versa. I expect he will not able to follow where the so called fairies go. Instead of retrieving, Zorro will lost in the middle of the town but Sanji will save him haha. Just thinking of next chapter One Piece 703 really damn exciting, we are looking for One Piece Spoiler 703 hardly and post it here ASAP.

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One Piece 702 is Out!!

Finally One Piece chapter 702 is released, it was a damn good thing for all of One Piece fan. We were waiting One Piece Chapter 702 like no more tomorrow, everyday I look for this chapter. Now, don't waste your time anymore, read One Piece 702 at below link:

Read One Piece 702 Here

I just finished reading One Piece 702, I read it again and again for few times because it was fun and enjoyable reading it. Things has just become more interesting with the appearance of more powerful characters. On the title it says The Corrida Colloseum, it refers to a place of fighting competition that can kills people. But of course the reward is also must be very rare and super valuable.

The One Piece 702 begin with all people including Luffy gang were astonished with the old blind mad ability to take down Joker's underling. His power causes big hole and a sum of damage on the casino. After paying the damage fee at the counter, the blind old man leave the place and no public are trying to stop him. Luffy likes strong people, he asked what is the old blind man name after seeing such power. Luffy gang believe he has an ability of Devil Fruit, but they are not sure what kind of Devil Fruit it is.

Suddenly most of them are losing something precious, some of them losing money, jewelery, and other important thing belong to them. Zoro also lost his sword, he become angry about it but he manage to sense where his sword is being taken away. He run to pursue his sword followed by Sanji and the Samurai of Wano. Luffy tries to follow but stopped by Franky, Franky smells something is bad and come up with a plan to dig more information.

Luffy and Franky tries to investigate one of Joker's underling, to find where about the Smile SAD Production Factory. Sadly the underling doesn't know anything about it, he told Luffy and Franky to go to the Colloseum. Something is big happening there, there is a competition being held and all the opponents are from Donquixote Family.

The winner will get the most wanted prize, it belongs to a legendary man who can burn anything and also Head of Second Fleet in Whitebeard Crew. The prize is none other that the Mera Mera Devil Fruits previous owner Ace. Luffy is there also, he is shock knowing that his Brother's devil fruit is being auctioned as the main prize to the winner who won the battel.

The chapter ends there, I think in the next chapter Luffy will enter the battle to win the competition.

Monday, 18 March 2013

One Piece 702 Spoiler Predictions-3

While waiting for real spoiler for One Piece 702, i keep looking for it or any similar to it. And just now i found few One Piece 702 Spoiler Prediction. Credit to mangaspoiler.

Title: Legend of Faries
Cover: The guns they’ve created… are pointed at me!!

Page 1
At the thousand sunny
Brook: *holding a book entitles “Dressrosa”* Hmm. I’ve been reading up on this “Dressrosa” since i found this book on the ship…
Chopper: Oh, really?
Brook: Ah yes.. they say Donquixote Doflamingo has a man on his crew that brings inanimate objects to life, and those objects live as citizens in his city. Very interesting indeed…
Brook: I didn’t say that!!!

Page 2
Nami grabs the book from Brook
Nami: Beautiful women huh? Just like Sanji to want to go into town. *sigh*
Chopper: He probably followed his nose, there’s tons of great smells coming from that island! It smells delicious!
Nami: I don’t care why, but he should’ve stayed here, how can a cutie like me fight off a shichibukai’s subordinates, what if we get attacked?
*Chopper, Brook, and Momonosuke are seen behind Nami with sad faces, insulted at the fact that Nami doesn’t think they can protect her*

Page 3
Momonosuke: Oh… whats this aura…?
Nami: Aura..?
Momonosuke: Yes, something all samurai are taught since birth.
Brook: I see…
Momonosuke: Someones over there… but the aura isn’t that of a human…

Page 4
Behind two rocks near the shore, the top of a head is showing.
???: Maybe they cant see me…
All four: We can see you.
All four:…………
???: Maybe they still cant see me…

Page 5
*a young girl gets up from behind the rock*
???: Silly humans! Like I would let you see me! Everybody knows fairies have to be hidden!!
*A young thin girl, with long blonde hair and a green dress that goes down to her thigh, and tiny ornate butterfly-like wings stands behind the rocks in plain view*
Chopper: Fairy?
???: Oh uh… *she gets back behind the rocks* maybe they still don’t know I’m here…
Nami, Momo and Chopper: OF COURSE WE DO??

Page 6
Brook: A fairy…. I’ve always been interested in fairies.
Chopper: you have? I didn’t know that.
Brook: The one thing I’ve wondered about them is… Do they wear any panties?
*Nami smacks Brook*
*scene changes to the streets of Dressrosa*

Page 7
*The Caesar exchanging team walks down the street, Caesar’s mouth has been taped so he cant call out to the civilians for help, and and the tape has been covered by a giant fake moustache*
*Law has given mask to Usopp and Robin so they look similar to the living toys, and is wearing one himself.*
Law: Ok, so right down main street leads to the bridge to get to Green Bit..
Usopp: Why is Green Bit so dangerous that we cant go there by ship?
*Robin smacks Usopp*
Robin: Keep your voice down. We’re being hunted on this island.

Page 8
Law: Well, the island is the dump site for all its waste from the factories in the industrial district. Also, there are a few poisonous plants growing on the island. Dressrosa is only connected to it, because a few of the plants can be used to study diseases.
Robin: Oh, very interesting. I purchased a book on Dressrosa back at Saboady, that information was not in it…
Caesar: mmm, mmmmff!
Usopp: Heheh, whats that goaty, cant hear you hehe!

Page 9
*Up ahead, the round fat man on Donflamingo’s crew, is walking down the street, with the top hat man with the gear coat sitting crossed legged on his hunch back*
???: Do you smell any trace of the Straw Hat kid, Sabueso?
???: Not quite Equipo… wait…
Infobox: Sabueso, Donquixote Pirates Fighter
Infobox: Equipo, Donquixote Pirates Sniper

Page 10
Sabueso: Nyii, Nyii! Up ahead! I smell a strong scent of something familiar!!
Equipo: Careful, don’t knock me over…WHOA!
*Sabueso starts running quickly on all fours similar to a dog*
Law: Uh oh..
Sabueso: Hey, I know that smell!!

Page 11
Law: Flip
*The large chunk of ground from under Law, Usopp, Robin and Caesar flips into the ground, leaving a crater in the ground. The group falls into the hole, as Law replaces the top with a thin layer of rock, but not too thin.*
Equipo: Huh what the… Where did those guys go? It happened so fast I could–
*The large chunk of ground falls on top of the two*
Sabueso: ack!
Equipo: ughhh!

Page 12
Equipo: Who the hell did you get a scent of…
Sabueso: I’m not quite sure… but I think it was Trafalgar!
*The group are in a hole under the street*
Law: Oi long nose, you have any plants that can dig for us?
Usopp: Sure thing!

Page 13
*Usopp makes a large plant similar to the Midori Boshi: Devil, but smaller and with sharper teeth*
Usopp: Midori Boshi: Dirt Devil! This plant can make holes and grows extremely fast for a farther reach. I can chop off parts to aim where it digs.
*Law smirks*
Law: Nice job, long nose..

Page 14
*The Dirt Devil digs a hole straight down immediately.*
Usopp: Oh uh.. heheh.. oops..
Law: *Fault face* That’s not where we need to go…
*The scene changes to Acacia, where the blind man made a hole in the ground*
Luffy: WOAH! SO COOL! Hey old man wanna join my–
*His mouth is covered up by Zoro and Sanji*

Page 15
Sanji: Uh, sorry mister. My little brother likes to play pirate, heh heh…
Blind Man: Oh, hehehehe, that’s nice. Thank you young man for being an honest person. I can tell you have a true heart, I’ll be on my way now.
*The Blind Guy walks off*
Blind Man: Oh, dont worry it wont stay that way permanently, it will reverse soon. Those street rats will be gone though. By the way, young boy, this surely wont be the last time you see me, I can tell.

Page 16
Luffy: Sure thing, Ossan!
*The Blind Man walks out of the restaurant*
Franky Sanji and Luffy: Boy what a cool guy…
Zoro and Kinemon: You don’t know anything about him!!
Franky: Oh yeah, i guess you’re ri–
Zoro and Kinemon: What a cool sword…

Page 17
Kinemon: C’mon, I’ve been tracing brother Kanjuro’s aura since we arived. He seems far off, but he’s on this island. I think its this way.
*he points down the street*
Luffy: Alright, lets go save our samurai bro!
Sanji: Quiet down god dammit!

Page 18
*In a jail cell*
Guard: Here’s your food, prisoner…
???: I choose not to eat. I will eat when there is something worth celebrating
Guard: Have it your way
*A shadowed figure is seen inside the cell, a topknot and kimono are visible slightly*
???: I know you’ll save me Kinemon. I just sensed a lot of strong Auras enter this island. I believe in you.

Chapter End.

One Piece 702 Spoiler Predictions-2

While waiting for real spoiler for One Piece 702, i keep looking for it or any similar to it. And just now i found few One Piece 702 Spoiler Prediction. Credit to mangaspoiler.

One Piece 702 Spoiler by Riley Escobar:

- Caribou’s Journey as Cover Page Continues

- The Blind Dude and the SHearts are seen leaving the place and walking up some street until Sanji spots Buffalo and another DD’s Crew Member

- Law, Usopp and Robin are seen complaining with one another until they arrive to the drop off which Usopp reveals a new move which combines the little debris his Kabuto fused with his Pop Greens and ties him after Robin Holds CC in a still state after Law does a Counter Shock to paralyse him

- DD is seen walking through a back street as him walking in the main street will catch too much attention

- Nami, Chopper, Brook and Momonusuke are seen complaining on how they got left behind and how its safe but still dangerous which scares Momo who runs into Nami which Nami scolds Chopper and Brook until they all sense theres something off as the Ship is spotted by an Unknown person

- Law then tells Robin or Usopp to contact the ship as they will proceed to the next stage but the Den Den On the ship is seen and Nami,Chopper, Momo and Brook are all knocked out and taken into a Dungeon

- DD is seen with a Den Den with the person replying its done now just now they gotta go and get CC back, Which DD replies Law fell into there hands

- Ends Chapter with Law contacting Zou

One Piece 702 Spoiler Predictions-1

While waiting for real spoiler for One Piece 702, i keep looking for it or any similar to it. And just now i found few One Piece 702 Spoiler Prediction. Credit to mangaspoiler.

One Piece 702 Spoiler by Yawn:

Cover: Kehihihihi in the New World – Volume 23

Caribou uses his swamp-swamp ability to ingest all the big weapons those unknown guys are producing in the factory. His tummy is full of those weapons and when he tries to sneak out, he is detected, and alarms go off. That moment can be seen on the cover (Caribou with a belly full of big guns standing lamely near the door while the alarms are buzzing).

Factory Destruction & Samurai Rescue Team (Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Franky, Kinemon)
Luffy keeps conversing with the blind old man, and the others join them.
Luffy (with sparkling eyes): ”Whoooooooo, I knew you are strong, Ossan!”
Zoro (thinking): Just what kind of sword technique was that??
Old Blind Man: ”Oh, don’t mention it. I’m thankful for your help Young Man. ThoughI really have to leave now.” (leaves)
Franky: ”I don’t know who the heck he was, but we rather start searching for that factory.”
Sanji: ”That’s right, there’s noone left here who could give us any info about the island.”
All of them are leaving the pub
Zoro (thinking): ”I have a sinister feeling about that man.”
They enter the streets of Dressrosa once again

Caesar Exchange Team (Law, Usopp, Robin and CC)
The team arrives at the northern shores of Dressrosa and Law is shown looking ahead at a long dingy and extremely dangerous-looking half-destroyed wooden suspension bridge.
Usopp: ”No way I can cross that bridge! You know I have a can’t-cross-dicky-bridges disease!
Robin: ”Don’t be afraid, being the only non-Devil Fruit user among the four of us, you are our only ray of hope if something happens and we were to fall into the sea, full of monsters.
Usopp: ”Waaaa! You scare me even more! Why couldn’t I stay on the ship!?”
Law: “Shut up, they might already be coming after us. We must hurry to Green Bit.”
Meanwhile in the palace of Donquixote Doflamingo…
The little girl receives a Den Den Mushi call
”I see, thanks for telling. I’ll notify the Young Master in an instant.”
She goes into Doflamingo’s room.
”Young Master, one of our puppet patrol warriors reported that Straw Hat Luffy was seen in Acacia. He is accompanied by four other men.”
Doflamingo: ”Fufufufufu. Those guys really have balls to walk into my kingdom like this. If Law is not with Strawhat , I can chat with him about the Mera Mera at last. Fufufufufu. Let them come if they want to.”

[Source :One Piece bay ]


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