Friday, 29 March 2013

One Piece 704 Spoiler


After reading One Piece Chapter 703, you must be impatient to wait for One Piece 704. If yes, you must be like me wandering around looking for One Piece 704 spoiler. However, there is no release of One Piece 704 spoiler yet. Expected of One Piece 704 release will be on every Wednesday, which is this coming Wednesday.

In the mean time here is my prediction of what coming next in One Piece 704 spoiler.

Sanji will follow the girl called Violet and protect her, but i'm sure Sanji will never kill anyone no matter what happen. But here is the tricky part, what happen if the man Violet wanted to kill is Joker? Not only Sanji but the whole team of Straw Hat, Law, and the samurai will oppose him. They have very solid reason to fight in that case,  I just cannot wait to read next One Piece 704 spoiler.

After separated with Sanji, Zoro will probably get lost his way and ended up at Fairies hiding place. Normally Fairies are cute and gentle, but I don't expect Oda will put such a simple story line in One Piece 704 spoiler. It will be fun if Zoro encounter brutal Fairies, and started a fight after being attacked by a gang of Fairies. The Fairies could be related with Joker, if no then the Firies is better to be an enemy with Joker.

On Luffy side, all the participants will acknowledge his strength after he defeated the Spartan in single blow. I really expecting something more in next One Piece 704 spoiler, something like the old man participating in the competition. After reading the One Piece chapter 703, I guess only Luffy from Straw Hat who will participate in the fight to win the Mera Mera Fruit previously owned by Ace.

I don't know where is the Samurai and Brook, they seems get lost and left behind of Sanji and Zoro. But i'm sure they are still running together. This team is getting far away from their mission on collecting information and finding the SAD Factory. Seems like only Franky knows what to do there, he has some plan and support Luffy to participate the fight. I guess we will get some picture of what happen to the other team in the next One Piece 704 spoiler. Law team should be getting close to meet with Joker by now. Let's wait for the One Piece 704 spoiler.

ThePower of Mera Mera Fruit, previously owned by Ace (Luffy Brother)
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

One Piece 703 Spoiler Is Out

Credit : Aohige / mangaspoiler
Color Spread: Mugiwara crew are in a broken boat rounded by sharks.

One Piece Chapter 703: “Waiting Room”

The thug explains that there cannot be two of the same devil fruit at the same time,
but once a fruit user dies, the fruit reappears somewhere in the world.
Luffy expresses he wants the Mera Mera fruit. He asks Franky if he wants to eat it, but Franky doesn’t want to lose his ability to swim.
Luffy says he can’t eat it since he has the rubber fruit, but he doesn’t want someone else to take his brother’s fruit.
Franky guesses this may be Doflamingo’s trap, but at the same time tells Luffy to not let go of this chance.
Either way they have to go to the Colosseum anyways, might as well not leave any regrets.

Zoro is chasing the fairy, but Sanji is distracted by flamenco dancers on the stage.
The dancing girl Violet gives him a wink.
Sanji loses the sight of Zoro, and contemplates on leaving him on this island, when Violet approach him and ask him to hug her.
Some soldiers are chasing her around with rifles in their hands….
Sanji of course goes in a flood of noseblood.
She says she’s being chased by cops for stabbing a man.
WHen Sanji says he’s perfectly find with a sabby woman, she claims she’s falling in love with Sanji tells him there’s a man she wants dead…

At the colosseum, cops are chasing the wanted “Toy Soldier”, the same one who chased the children away last chapter.
The shoot him, but he easily dodges the bullets with “Jet Walk”
He is one-legged soldier, and jumps in the area of the colosseum, telling the cops that this is Donquioxte family’s private area, and off-limits for cops and marines, and if they shoot him now, they will become the criminals.
He meets Luffy and Franky, and dances around to make Luffy laugh.
But he realizes Franky just wants him out of the way so they can get through.
He blushes red, and says it’s a duty of a toy to make people happy.

Luffy enters the colosseum as “LUcy” entry number 0556
The place is filled with macho warriors, and in particular a 51-time monthly champion Spartan takes note of Luffy. He doesn’t like him.
He tells Luffy this place is no place for a little weakling brat, and picks a fight with Luffy.
Luffy, of course, one shots him to the ground. LOL.

End of chapter

Sunday, 24 March 2013

One Piece 703 Spoiler

One Piece 703 Spoiler is not out yet, please come visit us again from time to time. We will update to you the latest One Piece 703 Spoiler as soon as we got the One Piece 703 Spoiler. As for now you can jump to other post, we have many things about One Piece here that worth for you to look and read at.

Before the One Piece 703 Spoiler out, let us talk about the possibility of what happen in One Piece 703. From the last chapter, Luffy and Franky were inside the Collosseum together with the strong blind man. Though they didn't see each other yet, but I am very positive that both parties will join the fight. On the other side many people will fight for the sake of winning The Mera Mera Fruit formerly owned by Luffy's brother Ace.

In this discussion of One Piece 703 Spoiler, I think Law team will meet with Joker at the promised location. I expect they will start some fight there, Joker might able to overpower Law team but he has no chance to do it. Law is the kind of person who do proper plan before doing something big, I really cannot wait for the One Piece 703 from now on.

Yusop team as a guardian of their ship Thousand Sunny might face some trouble, like being invade by others pirate different team from Joker. I expect light fight on Yusop side, they should be able to protect their ship easily after 2 years of training. I keep thinking of what One Piece 703 chapter could bring to us.

I wonder what Zorro do in One Piece 703, will he able to retrieve the stolen sword or vice versa. I expect he will not able to follow where the so called fairies go. Instead of retrieving, Zorro will lost in the middle of the town but Sanji will save him haha. Just thinking of next chapter One Piece 703 really damn exciting, we are looking for One Piece Spoiler 703 hardly and post it here ASAP.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

One Piece 702 is Out!!

Finally One Piece chapter 702 is released, it was a damn good thing for all of One Piece fan. We were waiting One Piece Chapter 702 like no more tomorrow, everyday I look for this chapter. Now, don't waste your time anymore, read One Piece 702 at below link:

Read One Piece 702 Here

I just finished reading One Piece 702, I read it again and again for few times because it was fun and enjoyable reading it. Things has just become more interesting with the appearance of more powerful characters. On the title it says The Corrida Colloseum, it refers to a place of fighting competition that can kills people. But of course the reward is also must be very rare and super valuable.

The One Piece 702 begin with all people including Luffy gang were astonished with the old blind mad ability to take down Joker's underling. His power causes big hole and a sum of damage on the casino. After paying the damage fee at the counter, the blind old man leave the place and no public are trying to stop him. Luffy likes strong people, he asked what is the old blind man name after seeing such power. Luffy gang believe he has an ability of Devil Fruit, but they are not sure what kind of Devil Fruit it is.

Suddenly most of them are losing something precious, some of them losing money, jewelery, and other important thing belong to them. Zoro also lost his sword, he become angry about it but he manage to sense where his sword is being taken away. He run to pursue his sword followed by Sanji and the Samurai of Wano. Luffy tries to follow but stopped by Franky, Franky smells something is bad and come up with a plan to dig more information.

Luffy and Franky tries to investigate one of Joker's underling, to find where about the Smile SAD Production Factory. Sadly the underling doesn't know anything about it, he told Luffy and Franky to go to the Colloseum. Something is big happening there, there is a competition being held and all the opponents are from Donquixote Family.

The winner will get the most wanted prize, it belongs to a legendary man who can burn anything and also Head of Second Fleet in Whitebeard Crew. The prize is none other that the Mera Mera Devil Fruits previous owner Ace. Luffy is there also, he is shock knowing that his Brother's devil fruit is being auctioned as the main prize to the winner who won the battel.

The chapter ends there, I think in the next chapter Luffy will enter the battle to win the competition.

Monday, 18 March 2013

One Piece 702 Spoiler Predictions-3

While waiting for real spoiler for One Piece 702, i keep looking for it or any similar to it. And just now i found few One Piece 702 Spoiler Prediction. Credit to mangaspoiler.

Title: Legend of Faries
Cover: The guns they’ve created… are pointed at me!!

Page 1
At the thousand sunny
Brook: *holding a book entitles “Dressrosa”* Hmm. I’ve been reading up on this “Dressrosa” since i found this book on the ship…
Chopper: Oh, really?
Brook: Ah yes.. they say Donquixote Doflamingo has a man on his crew that brings inanimate objects to life, and those objects live as citizens in his city. Very interesting indeed…
Brook: I didn’t say that!!!

Page 2
Nami grabs the book from Brook
Nami: Beautiful women huh? Just like Sanji to want to go into town. *sigh*
Chopper: He probably followed his nose, there’s tons of great smells coming from that island! It smells delicious!
Nami: I don’t care why, but he should’ve stayed here, how can a cutie like me fight off a shichibukai’s subordinates, what if we get attacked?
*Chopper, Brook, and Momonosuke are seen behind Nami with sad faces, insulted at the fact that Nami doesn’t think they can protect her*

Page 3
Momonosuke: Oh… whats this aura…?
Nami: Aura..?
Momonosuke: Yes, something all samurai are taught since birth.
Brook: I see…
Momonosuke: Someones over there… but the aura isn’t that of a human…

Page 4
Behind two rocks near the shore, the top of a head is showing.
???: Maybe they cant see me…
All four: We can see you.
All four:…………
???: Maybe they still cant see me…

Page 5
*a young girl gets up from behind the rock*
???: Silly humans! Like I would let you see me! Everybody knows fairies have to be hidden!!
*A young thin girl, with long blonde hair and a green dress that goes down to her thigh, and tiny ornate butterfly-like wings stands behind the rocks in plain view*
Chopper: Fairy?
???: Oh uh… *she gets back behind the rocks* maybe they still don’t know I’m here…
Nami, Momo and Chopper: OF COURSE WE DO??

Page 6
Brook: A fairy…. I’ve always been interested in fairies.
Chopper: you have? I didn’t know that.
Brook: The one thing I’ve wondered about them is… Do they wear any panties?
*Nami smacks Brook*
*scene changes to the streets of Dressrosa*

Page 7
*The Caesar exchanging team walks down the street, Caesar’s mouth has been taped so he cant call out to the civilians for help, and and the tape has been covered by a giant fake moustache*
*Law has given mask to Usopp and Robin so they look similar to the living toys, and is wearing one himself.*
Law: Ok, so right down main street leads to the bridge to get to Green Bit..
Usopp: Why is Green Bit so dangerous that we cant go there by ship?
*Robin smacks Usopp*
Robin: Keep your voice down. We’re being hunted on this island.

Page 8
Law: Well, the island is the dump site for all its waste from the factories in the industrial district. Also, there are a few poisonous plants growing on the island. Dressrosa is only connected to it, because a few of the plants can be used to study diseases.
Robin: Oh, very interesting. I purchased a book on Dressrosa back at Saboady, that information was not in it…
Caesar: mmm, mmmmff!
Usopp: Heheh, whats that goaty, cant hear you hehe!

Page 9
*Up ahead, the round fat man on Donflamingo’s crew, is walking down the street, with the top hat man with the gear coat sitting crossed legged on his hunch back*
???: Do you smell any trace of the Straw Hat kid, Sabueso?
???: Not quite Equipo… wait…
Infobox: Sabueso, Donquixote Pirates Fighter
Infobox: Equipo, Donquixote Pirates Sniper

Page 10
Sabueso: Nyii, Nyii! Up ahead! I smell a strong scent of something familiar!!
Equipo: Careful, don’t knock me over…WHOA!
*Sabueso starts running quickly on all fours similar to a dog*
Law: Uh oh..
Sabueso: Hey, I know that smell!!

Page 11
Law: Flip
*The large chunk of ground from under Law, Usopp, Robin and Caesar flips into the ground, leaving a crater in the ground. The group falls into the hole, as Law replaces the top with a thin layer of rock, but not too thin.*
Equipo: Huh what the… Where did those guys go? It happened so fast I could–
*The large chunk of ground falls on top of the two*
Sabueso: ack!
Equipo: ughhh!

Page 12
Equipo: Who the hell did you get a scent of…
Sabueso: I’m not quite sure… but I think it was Trafalgar!
*The group are in a hole under the street*
Law: Oi long nose, you have any plants that can dig for us?
Usopp: Sure thing!

Page 13
*Usopp makes a large plant similar to the Midori Boshi: Devil, but smaller and with sharper teeth*
Usopp: Midori Boshi: Dirt Devil! This plant can make holes and grows extremely fast for a farther reach. I can chop off parts to aim where it digs.
*Law smirks*
Law: Nice job, long nose..

Page 14
*The Dirt Devil digs a hole straight down immediately.*
Usopp: Oh uh.. heheh.. oops..
Law: *Fault face* That’s not where we need to go…
*The scene changes to Acacia, where the blind man made a hole in the ground*
Luffy: WOAH! SO COOL! Hey old man wanna join my–
*His mouth is covered up by Zoro and Sanji*

Page 15
Sanji: Uh, sorry mister. My little brother likes to play pirate, heh heh…
Blind Man: Oh, hehehehe, that’s nice. Thank you young man for being an honest person. I can tell you have a true heart, I’ll be on my way now.
*The Blind Guy walks off*
Blind Man: Oh, dont worry it wont stay that way permanently, it will reverse soon. Those street rats will be gone though. By the way, young boy, this surely wont be the last time you see me, I can tell.

Page 16
Luffy: Sure thing, Ossan!
*The Blind Man walks out of the restaurant*
Franky Sanji and Luffy: Boy what a cool guy…
Zoro and Kinemon: You don’t know anything about him!!
Franky: Oh yeah, i guess you’re ri–
Zoro and Kinemon: What a cool sword…

Page 17
Kinemon: C’mon, I’ve been tracing brother Kanjuro’s aura since we arived. He seems far off, but he’s on this island. I think its this way.
*he points down the street*
Luffy: Alright, lets go save our samurai bro!
Sanji: Quiet down god dammit!

Page 18
*In a jail cell*
Guard: Here’s your food, prisoner…
???: I choose not to eat. I will eat when there is something worth celebrating
Guard: Have it your way
*A shadowed figure is seen inside the cell, a topknot and kimono are visible slightly*
???: I know you’ll save me Kinemon. I just sensed a lot of strong Auras enter this island. I believe in you.

Chapter End.

One Piece 702 Spoiler Predictions-2

While waiting for real spoiler for One Piece 702, i keep looking for it or any similar to it. And just now i found few One Piece 702 Spoiler Prediction. Credit to mangaspoiler.

One Piece 702 Spoiler by Riley Escobar:

- Caribou’s Journey as Cover Page Continues

- The Blind Dude and the SHearts are seen leaving the place and walking up some street until Sanji spots Buffalo and another DD’s Crew Member

- Law, Usopp and Robin are seen complaining with one another until they arrive to the drop off which Usopp reveals a new move which combines the little debris his Kabuto fused with his Pop Greens and ties him after Robin Holds CC in a still state after Law does a Counter Shock to paralyse him

- DD is seen walking through a back street as him walking in the main street will catch too much attention

- Nami, Chopper, Brook and Momonusuke are seen complaining on how they got left behind and how its safe but still dangerous which scares Momo who runs into Nami which Nami scolds Chopper and Brook until they all sense theres something off as the Ship is spotted by an Unknown person

- Law then tells Robin or Usopp to contact the ship as they will proceed to the next stage but the Den Den On the ship is seen and Nami,Chopper, Momo and Brook are all knocked out and taken into a Dungeon

- DD is seen with a Den Den with the person replying its done now just now they gotta go and get CC back, Which DD replies Law fell into there hands

- Ends Chapter with Law contacting Zou

One Piece 702 Spoiler Predictions-1

While waiting for real spoiler for One Piece 702, i keep looking for it or any similar to it. And just now i found few One Piece 702 Spoiler Prediction. Credit to mangaspoiler.

One Piece 702 Spoiler by Yawn:

Cover: Kehihihihi in the New World – Volume 23

Caribou uses his swamp-swamp ability to ingest all the big weapons those unknown guys are producing in the factory. His tummy is full of those weapons and when he tries to sneak out, he is detected, and alarms go off. That moment can be seen on the cover (Caribou with a belly full of big guns standing lamely near the door while the alarms are buzzing).

Factory Destruction & Samurai Rescue Team (Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Franky, Kinemon)
Luffy keeps conversing with the blind old man, and the others join them.
Luffy (with sparkling eyes): ”Whoooooooo, I knew you are strong, Ossan!”
Zoro (thinking): Just what kind of sword technique was that??
Old Blind Man: ”Oh, don’t mention it. I’m thankful for your help Young Man. ThoughI really have to leave now.” (leaves)
Franky: ”I don’t know who the heck he was, but we rather start searching for that factory.”
Sanji: ”That’s right, there’s noone left here who could give us any info about the island.”
All of them are leaving the pub
Zoro (thinking): ”I have a sinister feeling about that man.”
They enter the streets of Dressrosa once again

Caesar Exchange Team (Law, Usopp, Robin and CC)
The team arrives at the northern shores of Dressrosa and Law is shown looking ahead at a long dingy and extremely dangerous-looking half-destroyed wooden suspension bridge.
Usopp: ”No way I can cross that bridge! You know I have a can’t-cross-dicky-bridges disease!
Robin: ”Don’t be afraid, being the only non-Devil Fruit user among the four of us, you are our only ray of hope if something happens and we were to fall into the sea, full of monsters.
Usopp: ”Waaaa! You scare me even more! Why couldn’t I stay on the ship!?”
Law: “Shut up, they might already be coming after us. We must hurry to Green Bit.”
Meanwhile in the palace of Donquixote Doflamingo…
The little girl receives a Den Den Mushi call
”I see, thanks for telling. I’ll notify the Young Master in an instant.”
She goes into Doflamingo’s room.
”Young Master, one of our puppet patrol warriors reported that Straw Hat Luffy was seen in Acacia. He is accompanied by four other men.”
Doflamingo: ”Fufufufufu. Those guys really have balls to walk into my kingdom like this. If Law is not with Strawhat , I can chat with him about the Mera Mera at last. Fufufufufu. Let them come if they want to.”

[Source :One Piece bay ]

Friday, 15 March 2013

Caribou's Pirate Journey6

Caribou's Pirate Journey5

Caribou's Pirate Journey4

Caribou's Pirate Journey3


Caribou's Pirate Journey2

Caribou's Pirate Journey

Caribou is one of bad pirate, he always thinking of killing people and stealing precious good for his own good sake only. The world government marked him as a dangerous pirate because he buried marine soldiers alive. Initially he planned to join the Straw Hat Pirate, and then sneaking to kill all the Straw Hat crew.

But His plan was failed, because all of Straw Hat crew are stronger than him. Caribou cannot beat any single of Straw Hat Pirate, he realize their strength during Straw Hat fight with giant octopus Karaken. From that moment, he fear the straw hat especially the trio monster Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. 

His journey was separated with Straw Hat in Mermaid Island after a fight between Straw Hat and Fishman under gang of Hordy. Here are some compilation of Caribou journey afterwards, enjoy the One Piece..

Message from Eiichiro Oda

I was wondering what a busy person like Oda do if he is granted 1 year of vacation. Then suddenly i fount this.

"There is something i would like to do if i can get a year vacation, like learning several types of ways to draw and master different style of arts, then drawing would be fun. I wonder who come up with the concept that earth is a small place"

Eiichiro Oda is one of genius in the world, living his legend on his own way. He just like drawing so much, that's his true passion.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

No One Piece 702 Chapter this week

To all One Piece Fan including me, we had a very bad news today. I found news at saying that One Piece is on Hiatus for this week. Our hero Oda was suddenly fallen sick, and he needs complete rest for at least few days. For those who can read Japanese character, you may read more here...

The next release will be on 18 March for raw Japanese version, the English translated version will be available by next 2 days Wednesday. It can be fast or slower sometime, it depends on the work of translator and editor as well. Let us give Mr.Eichiro Oda prayer so he will get heal fast, we love his art work so much. 1 week without One Piece Chapter could really kill me hahaha.

In the mean time, who will get the Mera Mera fruit, formaly owned by Luffy's brother Ace. I love to see Luffy get power up by eating 2 devil fruits, but it will spoil the spirit of One Piece. I prefer if Luffy stay with his Gomu Gomu power and make it stronger with haki imbued. If Straw Hat really managed to get Mera Mera fruit, I would like to see Ussop to eat the fruit because it is very suitable for long range fighter.

My prediction for next chapter is Luffy and the mysterious old man move to new safer place for talking, they become friend but have to fight in the end because the old man is Joker man. On the other side, Law team will meet Joker and started a fight. I like to see these both team to lose on their first fight, and return again to counter attack with full power and proper plan.

It would be good if there is an interruption from the marine on this arc. Two groups of pirate fighting each other for their own reason, and marine in between trying to capture both group will be great episode. I want to see how much strong Straw Hat Pirate has became after 2 years of training, and what amount of danger the new world can offer in One Piece World.

Whoah!!, I can imagine anything will happen in One Piece world. Anything can happen as Oda is very genius in making character and story line, that's why One Piece manga is different from the others. But one thing, I don't want to see them lose in this fight. Straw Hat pirate must win the battle, otherwise the value of 2 year training will go in vain. They have great teachers to train them, I cannot see any reason for them to stay weak.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

One Piece 702 Spoiler

New Character, an old man with crazy power

"The blind have the privilege of, never having to gaze upon this world's refuse" Who's the old man?

The spoiler for One Piece 702 is not out yet, we expect the release of One Piece 702 spoiler by tomorrow every Wednesday of every week. Just a summary from last chapter (One Piece 701) Luffy team (Straw Hat Pirate) safely landed in Dressrosa Island, people called is the island of love and passion. There is no exact reason for it, just maybe because human and toys are living together peacefully, and all the toys are alive with soul inside them.

I was wondering why Oda sensei made all the toys alive, and how could it be by One Piece logic. I know there must be some explanation behind it. After a long thought, I come up with thinking stated the reason might because of fake devil fruit produced with smile SAD products. One Piece is crazy, all the stories are well done and full of surprise. So to think the reason why all dols are alive has something to do with smile SAD is just a normal case for One Piece. I don't think we will find the answer in One Piece Spoiler 702, maybe in the next few chapters ahead or by the end of its arc.

Previously beside of their original plan, Luffy destroy and rescue team ended up meeting with an old man. The last introduction on him was his huge gravity power. I think it must be a devil fruits power, may be he ate gravity fruit and now he is controlling gravity. Why is he so strong and blind is still a question I cannot find the answer, but I got a feeling that this person will be one of Luffy team in the future. I predict Zoro will fight this man in near coming chapter, I really want to see Zoro fighting with his full strength.

I miss the fight when they are fighting far stronger enemies, where they could get killed but managed to survived with victories. For One Piece Spoiler 702, I predict no fight and only introduction of new character. Too soon for serious fight, and that's not Oda style...

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Luffy and Momo the dragon

On the front page, Kehihihihi Caribou Is slipping trough the factory of weapon. His presence and intention is still remain unknown to all the employee there.

In chapter 701, Straw Hat Luffy landed in Coast Of Dressrosa, with their intention to carry the plan and return Caesar to Joker. Luffy ride on Momo and asked him to fly, but Momo refused to fly claiming that he cannot fly. It seems that Momo forget he flew earlier, he needs some sort of push or motivation to fly again. Luffy thought Momo afraid of height, he denies about it and they started to fight.

Law gives them the vivre card just in case they got separated, and started their plan based on simple map of Dressrosa and Green pit drawn by Law’s friend. They divided into 3 groups, team to give Caesar back are Robin, Law, Ussop, and Caesar himself, team to secure the safety of Sunny are Chopper, Brook, Nami, and Momo the dragon, and the last team to destroy factory and samurai rescue are Sanji, Franky, Zoro, Luffy, and the Samurai.

Since the World Government has announced in the newspaper about their alliance, many of the civilian in Dressrosa Island know them. One of the Robot human identifies them after looking at Zoro. In order to hide their identity, the fake themselves by wearing beard and acting like normal visitors. They later hang around in one of the bar to discuss for strategy and investigate for information in random. Only Sanji can be trusted in this team, the rest are only simple minded.

While they are enjoying eating and drinking, they meet with blind old man who is in the middle of gambling. The shop attendant wants to rob the old man by cheating him on game result. However Luffy stepped in and saved the old guy from being cheated, it makes the attendant angry and started to attack luffy. At just in time, the old man shows his terrifying ability. Just by sheeting his sword a little, a bug hole was formed right at the place.

To read the full manga, just go to mangareader chapter 701
All the best and happy reading


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We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so. We may use your personal information to send you promotional information about third parties which we think you may find interesting if you tell us that you wish this to happen.

You may request details of personal information which we hold about you under the Data Protection Act 1998. A small fee will be payable. If you would like a copy of the information held on you please email to:



If you believe that any information we are holding on you is incorrect or incomplete, please write to or email us as soon as possible at the above address. We will promptly correct any information found to be incorrect.